How to report potholes, safety, and other concerns

The Millcreek city staff spends a lot of time out in the community watching for areas of concern—corners where branches or shrubs have grown and cover stop signs or interfere with a clearview around a corner, overgrown weeds and junk on a property, and, of course, the ever persistent and dreaded pothole.While they do their best to spot and fix these sorts of problems and other concerns, the Millcreek City staff cannot be everywhere or see everything that needs to be addressed.  They depend upon residents to help out by letting us know what they observe.To make reporting easier for residents, Millcreek city has recently upgraded the Report A Concern button on the municipal website. Concerns reported through the website are directed to the appropriate department, which will assign a city employee to investigate and follow through.  Residents are also encouraged to call the city offices at 801-214-2700 during regular business hours to report problems.


  1. I am very concerned about snowy sidewalks on major streets in our city. The bus stop on 13th east by Bonner way is snow packed and icy. This is a problem for many streets and bus stops. I was driving down 13th east in sandy and noticed that a man who looked to be a city employee was clearing sidewalks. We need to increase sidewalks and pedestrian safety along 13th east and other major streets.

  2. We had our black garbage container stolen and I need to replace it as soon as possible. Can you help us to do that? Thank you.

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