Millcreek Mayor Receives Public Service Award

On Tuesday, Mayor Silvestrini accepted the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Public Service at a special ceremony hosted by Utah Philanthropy Day at Hale Theater in Sandy. The Mayor was secretly nominated by Millcreek’s Communications Specialist, Jordan Harker, who thought the Mayor was very deserving of this award.

“The Mayor is incredibly humble and never expects or wants recognition for all the good he does, so I wanted to show him that his hard work and compassion does not go unnoticed,” said Harker. “I was thrilled that he was chosen as the recipient of this award, there is no one more deserving!”

The Mayor was recognized for his creation of the Millcreek Promise Program almost immediately after Millcreek was incorporated, and his dedication to the Program’s mission and vision, to “mobilize and support Millcreek residents to build community, bridge divides, and lift all boats.” He was also recognized for his decision to volunteer Millcreek as host for a Temporary Winter Overflow Shelter for persons experiencing homelessness in the harsh winter. As the Mayor stated, “homelessness is not just a Salt Lake City problem–it’s a nationwide problem, and it’s a Millcreek problem.”

Further, Mayor Silvestrini has actively participated in projects to improve Sunnyvale Park, the park that serves as safe haven and entertainment hub in the heart of our refugee community. He often volunteers on Saturdays at the Millcreek location of the Mobile Utah Food Bank, personally handing out much needed food to the residents he serves. The Mayor also frequents and volunteers at Millcreek Elementary, a Title I school, where he assists in stocking the Food Pantry and participates in annual school events such as Read Across America Day.

The Mayor’s passion and dedication to serving the people of Millcreek is beyond description. The time that he contributes to the needs and wellbeing of Millcreek residents cannot be measured quantifiably, but can be heard and felt in the way those that know him speak about him. Jeff Silvestrini is truly a public servant in every sense of the word–he has served his community long before he became Mayor, and will serve long after.

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