Millcreek home listed for $12.75MM

Is there still a market for overpriced luxury real estate in Mill Creek?

Longtime Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder resigned his job on June 5th and has now listed his Millcreek home for a whopping $12.75 million.

Unfortunately for Snyder he missed the top of the market by a couple of months. The 8 bedroom, 7.5 bath costume built home is of course gorgeous and has an amazing view of Mount Olympus. However the asking price is 50% more than any current Millcreek listing.

Short of a cash buyer, maybe one of the coach’s former players or Jazz brass, it’s easy to imagine Quin Snyder’s home will not sell anytime soon for his inflated asking price.

Coach, what happened to the basketball court? The hoop has overgrown vegetation and the court is actually lined for pickle ball!

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