How much does the mayor of Millcreek get paid?

Mayor Silvestrini may arguably be underpaid

As of 2020, Millcreek Utah had a population of more than 60,000 resident.

In 2021 the mayor of Millcreek, Jeff Silvestrini, received a salary of just more than $42,000 with close to $17,000 worth of benefits for a total compensation of nearly $60,000. Mayor Silvestrini effectively gets paid $1 per city resident.

For the last four years Millcreek’s mayor has averaged $42,989.67 in total compensation.

By comparison the mayor in neighboring Taylorsville gets paid nearly twice as much as Mayor Silvestri. Of course Millcreek does not have a “strong” mayor/council form of government which explains the difference in pay.

Meanwhile 42 Millcreek city employees made more than the mayor, including 12 who received pay and benefits worth more than $100,000 in 2021. The highest paid employee was the Public Works Director/City Engineer, John E. Miller who took home $174,522 in total compensation.

More than 40 Millcreek city employees make more than Mayor Jeff Silvestrini’s modest $42K salary.


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